Sunday, June 13, 2010

Which is the greater offense?

Well, blogger being down last week (yes, I was one of the lucky few who was affected) apparently threw off my schedule!  I could have sworn that I posted mid-week, but when I sat down to prepare my weekend post, I discovered that I have not posted since Monday -- oops!  Interestingly enough, this discovery is relevant to my intended topic for today (gotta luv the whole serendipity thing!).

Recently, due to unexpected circumstance, I had to neglect my blogosphere "responsibilities".  I put the word responsibilities in quotes because, I vacillate back and forth between feeling an obligation to post with some regularity and feeling that blogging needs to be a relaxing outlet form me (at least at this stage).  I must admit that, the longer I did not post, the more my feelings leaned toward the 'failing to fulfill an obligation' side of things.  Interestingly, discovering that I had 'missed' my mid-week post this week didn't really bother me.  Maybe it has something to do with intent -- when I was 'gone' for a month, I made conscious decisions not to post because I was either sick or playing catch up; this week I didn't choose not to post, it just didn't happen!  Yeah, even analyzing the different reactions in myself, it doesn't exactly make complete sense -- but then brainstorming on the fly doesn't alway make sense at first.  So, I will let that percolate for a bit and see what brews . . .

As I frantically attempted to catch up with all of the blogs that I was following, it became clear that I was not alone.  For various reasons, a number of bloggers had not posted to their blogs -- some were ill, some had experienced life situations that required their focused attention, and some had just needed some solitude.  Regardless of the reason, as I read those "touch base" posts, I realized that, for many, a failure to post was not the initial concern.  Sure, apologies were made and explanations given.  But, as I read the blogs of those who had not posted as much as they would have liked, their concern tended to be centered on their inability to keep up with reading and/or commenting on the blogs that they regularly followed.  

I must admit that I was daunted by the number of posts that I had not been able to read.  Apparently, Google Reader stops counting at 1000 unread posts and for days all I saw was 1000+ for DAYS!  On top of that, I have different accounts and pretty much all of them had 1000+ unread posts.  I admit, I skimmed more posts than I would have liked.  But, I really wanted to support my fellow bloggers by reading what they had taken the time to write and put out there for others to ponder.  That felt like a very important thing to do.

So, what is more important to you: keeping a regular posting schedule or staying on top of reading the blogs that you follow -- and why?


mxtodis123 said...

That is not an easy question, but mostly I have a routine. I usually arrive at work a minimum of 30 minutes early to have my breakfast and read my emails and the blogs I follow. I usually then have time to start my main blog...I am one of those blog addicts with 8 blogs...yes, you heard me right. I'm used to keeping them up since I had run a few Yahoo groups before discovering blogland.

RA said...

I get those feelings of responsability as well. But the same goes for following other blogs. I think basically the two hang together. I mean, without your readers you have no blog to talk about, and without commenting on their blogs you have no readers...
I have noticed that there are those who comment (read?) your blog ONLY when you have commented on theirs. Maybe due to too many blogs followed, who knows. I'm very hard trying to keep it all "feeling good", which is easier to write than do. :)

Rue said...

I really like to keep up with reading, but it's increasingly difficult now that I'm following about 300 blogs! It takes hours sometimes just to get through one day's postings from everyone. I just can't spend that kind of time every day, so I read as much as I can during my down time (which means much less television - a good thing!)

Posting for me - I try to get to it every couple days. Daily, just isn't possible for me.

It's all a balance sort of thing - but I think we are all trying to figure it out!