Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's the Message?

Okay -- so I got back from a trip a little over a week ago and it has taken that long to get back into some kind of routine . . . sometimes I wonder if vacations are really worth it!  This one was a very strange one . . . so many glitches!

One glitch in particular keeps popping into my head -- as if it is significant in some way, I just don't know why.  Let me share . . .

On this trip, we travelled by car spending two days on the road each way.  So, we are on our way home on the first day and as soon as we get onto the highway, it becomes clear that something is up with the winged creatures.  First it was the birds.  It was as if any birds in the area had decided that our care was a kamikaze target!  We had dozens of near misses -- no really -- like SERIOUS near misses.  Finally, one bird committed what I can only assume was suicide by flying right into the right side mirror.  While I don't know for sure that the bird died, it managed to fold back the side mirror with the impact so I doubt very seriously that the poor creature survived.

But, it did not end there.  For the next few hours, we continued to have several near misses by birds.  In addition to the birds, we were bombarded by LOTS of big bugs.  We had more bug guts on the windshield in the first two hours of the drive home than we did the entire trip out.  All the while it was happening, I kept asking "What the heck is up with the birds?!"  "What are they and the bugs trying to tell me?"

I still haven't figured it out . . . anyone out there have any thoughts?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Bernard Meltzer

Well, I think I prefer the term 'eccentric' -- but, that is probably just semantics . . . 

I have been very fortunate and have several very close friends in my life.  All of them accept me and embrace the person that I am -- warts and all.  My memories are filled with wonderful experiences and warm feelings.  Nothing can beat a true connection with another person - someone who you can be yourself around without any fear that they will judge or reject you.

My only wish is that all of these wonderful people in my life were located in places that would allow us to, once again, meet face-to-face.  I miss the late night talks over wine and nibbles or coffee shop chats in the middle of the week just to catch up.  As much as we all keep in touch with each other, sharing our lives via email and the occasional phone conversation -- it is not quite the same as touching base throughout the week.

Fortunately, I have the joy that can be found by participating in the blogging community.  Still, I long to find a person or two in my new location that will enjoy my unconventional views and interests -- however cracked they may be -- and discuss them over a cup of java or a glass of merlot.  I miss the physical dimension of my relationships -- being able to touch or hug a good friend when they (or I) need it . . . 

So, I will keep the door open and be patient!  Meanwhile, I will continue to nurture all my relationships -- those friends who no longer live nearby as well as those I have never met face-to-face.  Thank you all for all the wonderful experiences you have given me.  Blessings to you all!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


“Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity

― Lindley Karstens

This is really what gardening is about for me.  I think it is why I never wear gloves when working in the garden.  Some of you may be gasping in shock -- after all, digging around in the dirt can play havoc with ones hands, not to mention ones manicure (and, yes, I do get my nails done).  It is true that, after playing out in the garden, I frequently spend the evening dousing my hands with lotion -- but . . . It. Is. Worth. It!

I love the feel of the soil in my hands, the vibrations of life that I feel as I lovingly inspect the plants as they grow and begin to provide the desired produce.  The fleeting moment of dismay when I realize that a destructive little critter has invaded followed by the knowledge that this is part of the process -- the cycle of life, if you will.  Especially when it comes to many caterpillars --  they can decimate a plant, but ultimately they become such beautiful creatures . . . 

Sometimes I think my goal, when puttering around in the garden is to become as dirty as possible -- and boy do I succeed!  But it isn't the kind of dirty that makes you want to run to the bathroom and take a shower.  Instead, it brings about a feeling of connection, calm, and satisfaction.  Okay -- maybe that makes me a bit eccentric . . . or maybe that just makes me a witch!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stayin' Alive!

Howard Thurman

When I read this statement, I was brought up short.  Not because I don't do things that make me "come alive" -- I do.  In fact, I do these types of things quite often.  But, the reason I was taken aback a bit was because I also do things that -- well -- just don't!  In fact, sometimes I do things that feel like they are sucking the life out of me.  I imagine that many of us do -- frankly, it is likely that we all HAVE to do some things that do not nurture us.  I, personally, can't think if a single person that I know now or have ever known who are able to completely remove all draining influences.  

The key is to counter those things that drain with things that energize.  Again -- I am not always successful in maintaining this balancing act.  Now is a good example.  My recently revisited project is one of those life suckers.  Anxiety levels are high.  Frustration abounds.  Scheduled daily tasks are . . . challenging.  Despite all this, I continue to plug away -- to attempt to make continued progress, however slow.  So, I must ask the question . . . 

At what point does the draining activity become something that must be let go?  At what point do the difficulties and issues brought about by this project warrant setting it aside for good?  Many times in this process I have wondered if all of the obstacles I have encountered in finishing these revisions are a sign that I am not meant to finish.  This is usually followed by the knowledge that, frequently our most satisfying accomplishments are achieved by overcoming adversity.

I wonder which this will be -- something that was not meant to be or something that I look back on and smile because I was the little engine that could and kept on chugging no matter how steep the hill/mountain got!

How do you decide when it is time to move on?  How many life suckers have you managed to complete or get rid of in some other way?  What are some of the energizing things you do to balance your life?