Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's the Message?

Okay -- so I got back from a trip a little over a week ago and it has taken that long to get back into some kind of routine . . . sometimes I wonder if vacations are really worth it!  This one was a very strange one . . . so many glitches!

One glitch in particular keeps popping into my head -- as if it is significant in some way, I just don't know why.  Let me share . . .

On this trip, we travelled by car spending two days on the road each way.  So, we are on our way home on the first day and as soon as we get onto the highway, it becomes clear that something is up with the winged creatures.  First it was the birds.  It was as if any birds in the area had decided that our care was a kamikaze target!  We had dozens of near misses -- no really -- like SERIOUS near misses.  Finally, one bird committed what I can only assume was suicide by flying right into the right side mirror.  While I don't know for sure that the bird died, it managed to fold back the side mirror with the impact so I doubt very seriously that the poor creature survived.

But, it did not end there.  For the next few hours, we continued to have several near misses by birds.  In addition to the birds, we were bombarded by LOTS of big bugs.  We had more bug guts on the windshield in the first two hours of the drive home than we did the entire trip out.  All the while it was happening, I kept asking "What the heck is up with the birds?!"  "What are they and the bugs trying to tell me?"

I still haven't figured it out . . . anyone out there have any thoughts?


Rue said...

Where I live there are two times of the day that different species of birds feed on bugs. In the morning, we have a certain type of sparrow or swallow that feeds on small bugs, and in the evening we have birds that we call "nighthawks" that feed on mosquitoes, moths, and other bugs out at night.

Both times of day these birds are frenzied, chasing their prey. There are times when they don't see a car, or swerve too late, because they are concentrating on feeding. Unfortunately, they rarely survive a collision with a car.

I would imagine that this is what you experienced.