Monday, March 29, 2010

Just a little late . . .

Whew!  What a week!  I feel like I have been running in circles!  The week has only just begun and I am already beat!

First, so many of you have commented on my blog background that I must give credit where credit is due.  (Actually, I already do, but you may not be scrolling down far enough to see it.)  The blog background is actually called Blood Red Moon and was created by Olehan.  She has tons of great templates that you can use -- check her out and enjoy!

This weekend the portable green house went up and seeds were started.  So far this year, we have built a cold frame and collected materials to build a potting/garden work table.  We got our grubby little hands on some Mountain Mahogany seedings which have been strategically planted to provide more privacy once they grow.  On top of that, there are now some Golden Currant bushes on the south wall and I am hoping to use any fruit that is produced this year to make preserves.  Maybe combine it with some blueberries or blackberries, depending on how the plants do -- last year none of the berry bushes did well, but hopefully that will change this year. 

The other big garden project for this growing season is to expand the beds under the trees.  This is actually a pretty big job because the landscape put in when the house was built was pretty much rock and gravel with a few plants.  We are slowly changing that but this is year three and we will probably be digging out gravel for another 3-4 years as the garden develops.  Slowly, the sterile surroundings are being transformed into a living ecosystem . . . one that will provide our household with a wonderful bounty provided by the land.

At the moment, it is too early to be planting -- we can get a late frost well into April here -- but, the green thumb is beginning to twitch and preparations are beginning!  As things start to take shape, I will post pictures!  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As I have indicated in previous posts, I am very into jewelry.  So, when Mrs. B posted about her latest giveaway, I was of course intrigued.  So, of I went to the featured site (Moonstone Jewelry), click, click, clicking away to see what was on offer.  You see, this particular giveaway is not a particular item, but is the item of your choice ($50 or less) or a $50 'coupon' toward the purchase of a more expensive item of your choice.  (Moonwolf is licking her chops with delight!)

Now, being the silver jewelry whore admirer that I am, I went straight to that category and had a rummage.  I really liked several of the items on offer, especially a couple of the Tree of Life rings.


I can't really decide which one I like best.  Fortunately, I was spared the need to choose because I also saw a Wolf Ring!
Now, what could be better than that?  Well, I will tell you!  What about a HOWLING WOLF ring????  Yep, imagine my joy when I saw this little lovely . . .

So, have a little wander over to Mrs. B's and check out the giveaway!  Even better, enter it yourself! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I say I am a Witch . . . what do I mean? (Part One)

Hmmm . . . I think this is quite a complicated topic.  I have thought about this frequently in the past.  Some of my concepts have remained very static, while others are more fluid, changing as I progress through life.  So, I think I am going to take a cue from others in blogland and begin a little blog series on the subject.  First, a few disclaimers . . . what follows are some of my current thoughts on the subject.  They are not intended to present any kind of universal understanding and frequently will approach the subject using generalities and ignoring many of the subtleties and nuances that exist.  Finally, it is very likely that, as I continue to wrestle with this topic, I will contradict or clarify a previously stated position.  I see this as growth and a willingness to question my previous ideas as new information becomes available and various questions are presented.  With all this in mind, I will begin my first in a series of blogs that deal with what I mean when I use the term 'witch'.

Again, I am thinking of the post on Witchful Thinking that addresses the question "What is a Witch?"

There is much in that post that 'speaks' to me but the line that reads, "A Witch might never do a ritual of worship, or never contact the Gods for anything, but for a Wiccan it is almost essential" was particular food for thought in my case.  Why?  Well, there are a couple of reasons.  First, I do not follow the Wiccan Path but I do embrace the term Witch in my self-understanding.  I thought it was very interesting that the distinction being made between a Witch and a Wiccan was the use of rituals of worship and/or contact with the Gods.  My first thought was "How true!  I call myself a Witch, but am not Wiccan . . . "  Followed immediately by the thought -- "Hey!  I do ritual!  I recognize Gods and Goddesses!"  And then I stopped my knee jerk reactions and really sat and thought about this statement. 

How accurately does this sentence really describe me . . . a self-proclaimed witch?  

Well, it definitely makes a distinction between the practices of a witch and the practices of a Wiccan.  So, we are in agreement there.  But, I do conduct ritual (as you well know, by now) . . . oh, but wait . . . do all my rituals involve the worship of or contact with Gods?  Um . . . no!  I do not see my relationship with the divine as worship.  Nor do I view the divine as existing solely in forms of Gods and/or Goddesses.  

My relationship with the divine is more veneration than worship.  For me, the word worship implies a significant inequality between the worshipper and the worshipped.  It brings to my mind the relationship between a parent and a young child.  On the other hand, the word veneration brings to my mind a more equal, reciprocal relationship . . . more along the lines of a University Professor and a graduate student.  One has more knowledge and experience -- which is deserving of respect, but the other still has significant characteristics, talents, and viewpoints that can be brought to the relationship.

On top of that, there are many times that Gods and/or Goddesses play little or no role in my ritual life.  On top of that, as I have mentioned before, formal ritual does not play a significant role in my life as a witch.  Taking all of this into consideration, I think I like the distinction made by the above statement.  But is a lack of emphasis on Gods and Goddesses the only thing that makes me a witch rather than a Wiccan?

No . . . I see Wicca as a spiritual path that requires some kind of initiation rite -- whether solitary or with a coven -- followed by a, sometimes hierarchical, progression through the tradition.  Instead of being initiated, I believe that a witch is.  A witch does not 'become' through an initiation but through self-understanding.  In other words, in my view, a witch is what a person is while Wicca is what a person does.  

I think I will stop there and wait to see what kind of response these thoughts generate.  I would very much like this series to be an interactive exercise -- one that will challenge my understanding and help me to solidify my thoughts to the subject.  Does this post strike any cords with you?  Do you consider yourself a witch, a Wiccan, both?  Do you vehemently disagree with one or all of my distinctions between what is meant by the words?  Please, point out the error or my ways, as you see it.  One of my favorite ways to learn is through constructive, critical discussion -- let's have some fun!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 6th Grade teacher . . .

Yes, I was poking fun at all those awards shows where the winner feels compelled to name their potty trainer in the list of individuals that influenced them on their road to success (okay, I admit, the ability to dispose of one's bodily waste in a toilet is more desirable than doing so in one's pants and would make a person more attractive to the population, in general).  But, I actually DID have a teacher in High School (I am pretty sure it was 9th grade) that really affected my future.  I am sorry to say that I do not remember her name (the letter D is significant when I think of her -- was it an initial?  I have no clue.)  The reality is that she threatened to give me a D in her class based on my first progress report, so I don't know if I associate a D with her because of her name or because of her progress report.  Oh, and in case you needed the sledgehammer, B's were a rather uncommon appearance on my report card -- so a D was simply unthinkable! 

She was short (I have always been on the higher end of average when it comes to height, so my guess is 5'0" to 5'5"  -- yeah, yeah, a pretty wide margin, but give me a break I was in early High School!  If you want more information . . . I remember her hair being pitch black with some gray and her classroom was in the basement of the school on the west end of the breezeway)  But, she is the FIRST teacher that I remember EVER challenging me.  She saw my potential and expected me to produce work that reflected it.

She taught Early Western Civilization at Bowie High School, MD in the late 1970's (oh dear, I just dated myself!).  Ah, well, no sacrifice is too great to honor a person who was a 'path changer' in ones life.  If you know her, by all means, point her in my direction -- I would LOVE to thank her, in person, for the big ol' kick in buttocks that I needed -- which she gladly gave me!  She was one of those teachers that EVERYONE was scared of.  She tolerated NO BS!  Looking back on it -- I truly believe that she was a witch (and I hope that all who are still reading realize that I am paying a very high compliment when I use such labels), whether she realized it or not.  Not because everyone was afraid of her, but because she always knew when students were messing about in the halls or not living up to their potential.  She knew when students were screwing around in class, even if she had her backed turned to us.   At the time, it seemed like magic . . .

Jamie Freeman over at Witchful Thinking recently blogged on the whole idea of 'witchhood' which got me thinking about what it means to me to be a witch.  As I reflected on the question, I realized that there have been many people in my life that, in hindsight, I would identify as "witchy".  Some may even self-identify as a witch. 

This particular teacher, like many, (I wish I knew where that blasted yearbook was -- I could look her up) worked very hard to enable all of her students to reach their full potential.  I never got a chance to let her know what a difference she made to me and my future education -- we moved across the country before I grew up and came to realize her importance.  So, I put that thank you out into the ether and hope that, in some way she knows what a difference she has made.

Blessings to you!  Of course, she is not the only person in my past who has touched and changed my life -- there are many.  As, I am sure there are for all of you my lovely readers.  I would love to hear about some of those unsung heros in your lives.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I zigged . . . I zagged . . .

and still got tagged!  Fair is fair -- Thanks for thinking of me Anastasia.  I really enjoy reading about the goings over at Deep Inside My Broom Closet!

So, here are the 'rules':

Open your first photo file (instead I am using one of the early photo files on this computer)
Scroll to the 10th photo
Post the photo and tell the story behind it
Tag five more people

So, here is my picture . . . 

This is a picture of the back garden about midsummer.  For me, gardening is a key way of relaxing and keeping connected to nature.  Not only does the vegetable garden provide food in the summer, but all of the other plants, trees, and bushes help to keep me connected to the earth and her cycles.

Now, who will I catch?  

::Covering eyes and NOT peeking::   1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 

Marie at Art from My Heart:  I have been hooked on her Goddesses since Christmas!
Mrs. B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom:  I can't decide which is more fun, the pics of Tanner or all that yummy food!
Bridgett at Peek-a-Boo:  I love the haircut!
Diane at Good Mourning, Glory!  Your candor is refreshing!
And finally . . .
Inannasstar at Ramblings of a Domestic Goddess:  way to keep us honest! 

UPDATE:  I now realize that Inannasstar has already been tagged -- sorry!  Please disregard my tag if you have already done it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bucking the 'system'

I have read a lot of things of late that bemoan the tendency for pagan writings to be more in the vein of "Paganism 101".  There appears to be a hunger out there for something beyond the basics.  Something that expresses what happens after a person is familiar with their chosen tradition.  This is a difficult thing to write about since Paganism is such a diverse path -- my 'next steps' may not work for you at all.  I have gotten guidance from many people during my journey, many of them suggesting things that simply do not work for me -- but they have almost always provided me with the seed of an idea that I later developed into a process or practice that did work for me.  

So, since it seems that I am currently on a bit of a role with the whole "Doing things differently than the books say" motif, here is yet another one!  May it provide you with a seed that you can nourish on your own path . . . 

How many of you truly visualize?  Do you really see those technicolor pictures complete with detail when you meditate, journey, or take those few quiet moments in an otherwise busy day?

Well, I don't . . . and I never have, even during the period of my life that I exerted a lot of energy toward attempting to develop this skill.  I am talking YEARS, not days, weeks, or even months.  Nothing!  Pretty much the most I got was an echo of a candle flame just after closing my eyes or those squiggles of white and colored light that flash around on your closed eyelids.  There were points in time during that period where, for a short time, I threw up my hands in frustration, vowing to stop trying completely.  Only to return to it again after a brief break.

And why did I keep at it, you may be asking . . . because when I meditated or went on a spiritual journey I did experience all those things that one sees when they visualize, but not in pictures.  I could 'feel' everything usually associated with seeing.  I knew that something was white because I felt the color -- but I never saw it.  I could describe what a being I encountered looked like and what they did, but not because I saw them (like a little movie picture) but because I felt and sensed what they looked like and the actions they took.  I just didn't really see it so, I kept trying.  Then, one day, the light bulb flashed on and I came to a very important realization . . . 

I realized that what all the books describe in sight sense language, I was receiving through other senses.  As soon as I realized this, I stopped trying to see pictures.  Oh sure, when I describe my experiences from meditation or journeying, I chose to use sight language.  Many people seem to feel more comfortable with that approach and it saves me from trying to explain how I can possibly translate what I sense into things like color, happiness, or any of the other things that are usually known because we see them.  I have found that when I try to explain that something felt or tasted like purple all I get is puzzled looks.  Now I just say something like "it was purple" and let people assume.  Of course, they assume that I have visualized -- but in reality I have not.  

Sometimes the impossible challenge of explaining my method of 'seeing' these experiences is frustrating.  Our language is simply not up to the task.  This is something that comes up in Pagan practice frequently (how many times have you been told to 'visualize' your intentions for a ritual?)  Every once in a while, I pick up a book that has a section on visualization and try to translate what they are saying into what actually happens for me.  Sometimes there are connections, but often there are not.  It makes me wonder if there are others out there that have struggled to develop the ability to visualize.  If you are out there . . . what did you do?  Are you still trying . . .  did you give up completely . . . did you come up with your own methods . . . ?

Friday, March 12, 2010

OMG! I'd like to thank my 6th grade teacher . . .

Here it is, only two weeks into my blog and I already have 10 Google followers, lovely comments, and . . . wait for it . . .

AN AWARD!!  ::sniff::  I am overwhelmed!

Okay, enough of the dramatics (though it is pretty cool).  Thanks so much to both Wiz over at Go out Beneath the Naked Night and Witch by Nature at Antics of a Tamaran Witch.  Now I get to share seven of my favorite things and then pass the award on to 15 bloggers.  That is going to be tough, I have read so many great blogs.  My one criteria is going to be to try to stick to people who have not yet been honored.

But first, I have to figure out how to get the blasted award thingy on my blog!

WhoooHooo!  Well, that only took about six attempts before I picked the right one -- but I succeeded.  Oh, and here are the 'official' rules for the award:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself. 
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic! 
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So, now I guess it is time to get a little personal (as if discussing stones in my bra is not personal :P).

#1     The moon!  Yes, I am sure that you are all surprised.  I have always felt her pull and frequently can be found sitting in the back garden at night gazing skyward (even in the winter).

#2     Wolves!  Hmmm, is anyone sensing a pattern here?  But seriously, I have always found the Wolf to be a beautiful and noble animal.  Wolf is one of my spirit animals and she (yes, she) came to me long before any of the others.

#3     Gardening!  I absolutely LOVE to get my hands dirty.  I hardly ever wear gloves because they get between me, the earth, and her bounty.  I am itching to get out in the garden -- but it is still too early where I am for planting.

#4     Curling up by the fire with a good book on a cold day or a stormy night.  There is something about being cozy warm while the weather is doing its worst outside that makes any book more enjoyable.

#5     The contented sound of my beloved dog snoring.  She has such a dainty little snore!  It means that she has had a good day's work (she is a Service Dog) and is really relaxing.  Oh, and then there is when she is having a happy dream and wags her tail in her sleep . . . is that two things?  Naw, I'll count it as one.

#6     Candles.  I just love the light that they give off.  I actually prefer it to most electric sources of light.  Maybe I was born in the wrong  century . . .

#7     Crafty stuff . . . particularly crocheting.  I find it both relaxing and productive -- a great way to pass a little time and not feel like I'm lounging around like a lump.

Well, now for the really hard part -- can I just say ALL OF YOU?  No?  Well, it was worth a try.

First, a shout out to Marie at Art from my Heart.  She is going through a bit of a tough time at the moment so stop by and brighten her day (and take a look at her AWSOME Goddesses/Angels.

Second, Momma Kelly and Lady Rose over at 2 Witches Blog.  Your candor is refreshing -- I am praying to the computer gods for you!

Third, Bogaman who writes the amazing, masculine Bogaman's Blog.  (Ego and all -- LOVED that post, btw)

Fourth, Bridgett at Peek-a-Boo.  I just love the new name and look!

Fifth, Diane at Good Mourning Glory!  I just couldn't stop laughing at Barbie's peeing puppy!  You made my day!

Sixth, Bella at Memoirs of a Crazy Witch.  How do you manage to come up with so many signature buttons!

Seventh,  Mary over at Moontides.  You always get me thinking, thanks!

Eighth, Mother Moon.  Great messages that are very reflective.

Ninth,  Ryan over at Old Man Sutton.  Another lovely male voice in Blogland.  The pictures from the Natural Wildlife Reserve were gorgeous.

Tenth, Halloween Spirit over at Black and Orange.  If you love Halloween this is the place to go!

Eleventh, Magaly at Pagan Culture.  Your posts usually leave me feeling very light at heart, even on my more stressful days.

Twelfth, Tammi Lee at Spirithelpers.  Full of photos that truly rate a Beautiful Blogger Award

Thirteenth, Jessica over at The Magical Mundane.  I hope you are digging yourself out of all that snow!

Fourteenth, Lyon at The Wandering Hearth.  Though she is taking a little hiatus at the moment . . . sort of.

And finally . . .

Fifteenth!  Anastasia . . . Deep Inside My Broom Closet.  I just adore your topics.

Whew -- of course, there are some that are not on this list but I love you anyway!  ::kiss::

Now I must be off to spread the joy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Secrets

Recently, Sparrow over on eWitch posted about practical protection and shared a method she calls The Bra Barrier.  I was tickled pink to read this post because it is actually a method that I use (with a slightly different process).  Sparrow uses three stones while I usually only use one (or one of each stone needed at the time) -- on the left side, by my heart.

This started me thinking . . .

How do I shore up my body/soul when I am feeling particularly vulnerable?

First and foremost, there is my jewelry.  Just about every item I wear has some kind of significance.  Either they have been given to me by an important person in my life or they have special significance to me, personally.  Ideally, I prefer to wear many items (yes, I fulfill the stereotype -- sorry!)  But, I can very easily limit my jewelry -- though even limited, it usually exceeds 'normal' jewelry wearing quota.

In the event that I must, I will cut down the rings and bracelets, but I always wear a single necklace and my ear rings.  I must admit that there are very few instances in my life where this is necessary.  I kind of have the attitude of 'take me as I am . . . if you don't like it, lump it'.  But, I do recognize the value of breaking new people in when it comes to my little idiosyncrasies -- so sometimes the jewelry comes off for a bit.  When this happens, if I feel it is necessary, I will put stones in less observable places -- either using the Bra Barrier method or having my version of a medicine pouch that can be placed in a pocket or worn around my neck under clothing.  I have even been known to slip a little something in my sock on occasion.

Some of these techniques are very helpful if one is still firmly intrenched in their broom closet.  I am neither in the dark recesses of my closet any longer, nor am I bouncing up and down howling at the moon outside it all the time.  I guess I take each situation as it comes, deciding how much of my spiritual path to share as the need arises.  Some people in my life have intimate knowledge of my spiritual practices, others know my label but have little idea of how that plays out in my life, others make assumptions (usually incorrect), and still others have no clue.  If I do not wish to challenge those with assumptions or disrupt the status quo with those who have not clue, I usually chose more subtle decorations -- hence, the 'stealth' shielding and enhancing.  Of course, there are the times that I just use energy and attitude alone . . . but that is probably another post!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Formal, Casual, or Both?

Earlier, I posted about an online ritual that I participated in . . . and it was good . . . but formalized and structured ritual is not my usual way.  I usually only do the whole nine yards when it comes to ritual if I am sharing the ritual with another (it makes it easier for participants to be 'on the same page') or I am compelled to be formal for some particular reason.  Instead, my practices usually consist of more 'mundane' rituals.

This has been a recurring topic in some of the blogs that I am following.  The idea of everyday activities being viewed as ritual appears to be a common one and, more interestingly, one that is NOT covered in many of those books out there for beginners -- or even intermediates.  At first, when I realized this fact, I was puzzled.  I would have thought that creating ritual in everyday life would be one of the earlier skills that a practitioner of a Pagan tradition would learn.  After all, mundane ritual (at least as I practice it) frequently does not require special tools or a special place.  It can be done at any time, in any place, with little or no concern about who may be watching (especially appealing if a person is still fully or partially 'in the broom closet').  Why wouldn't the books teach this first?

But, as I pondered this question further, I came to a realization . . . 

Mundane ritual (again, as I practice it), still incorporates a sense of 'sacred space'.  Carrying my sacred space with me or establishing a sacred space without overt ritualistic behavior was not an easy thing for me to develop.  I would venture to say that one of the things that helped me to develop this ability was the dedication that I had for formal ritual when I first began exploring a Pagan Path.  Yes, I read as many books as I could get my hot little hands on.  I confess that I was far from creative in my rituals during the early years -- I would change a word or phrase now and again and insert my own deities, but other than that -- I followed the script!  I fell into a mode of thinking that many I have encountered have . . . there is a 'proper' way to create sacred space and to do so, certain steps must be followed.  If they were not then, at the very least the ritual was impotent; at worst, dangerous.

It was several years before I realized that I had begun doing mundane rituals.  A part of me was embarrassed to admit that I had been doing them for quite some time before I consciously realized it.  After all, depending on the book, running around unconsciously ritualizing could be dangerous -- the potential danger depends on the book, but certainly not something that you want to run around doing all the time.  But an equal part of me is pleased that ritual became such a natural part of my daily life.   For me, something as simple as planting a seed in the garden can be a ritual, or not . . . breathing can be a ritual, or not . . . grooming the dog or cat can be a ritual, or not . . . cooking a meal can be a ritual, or not.  It is all about intent and energy where I am concerned.  If the intent is there and I focus my energy on that intent, any everyday activity can be a ritual in my life.

Ultimately, I think that all those books and all those formal rituals helped me to develop a method of enhancing my everyday life with sacred action.  It did not matter if I was struck with the need to ritualize an everyday behavior while I was spending time with people in my life who were not aware of my spiritual practices because they would never know that I was performing a ritual in their presence.  I did not have to shoo all of the animals in the house out of the room because, contrary to  the claims made by many of the books I read, they were not a distraction.  (I never did understand that bit -- what with the whole idea of familiars and spirit/totem animals that is prevalent in many Pagan systems).

Unfortunately, there are not many resources out there to help Pagans transition from Paganism (whatever your preferred form) 101 to an intermediate or advanced form of the tradition.  Many of you out there have managed to make this transition despite the lack of resources.  In some ways, this is an advantage to the tradition because, since many who progress past the 'basics' develop their own methods and traditions, the community is in a constant state of renewal and fluidity.  Some are fortunate enough to benefit from the personal teaching of an elder in the community, but many do not have that luxury and we develop on our own, using fresh approaches that come to us -- incorporating those that are successful and discarding those that are not (but being happy to pass them on to others because we realize that just because it did not work for us does not mean that it will not work for others).

How did you figure out what works for you in your ritual practice?  Are you more comfortable with Formal or Casual rituals? -- or maybe you are equally comfortable with both.  At what point did you begin deviating from the versions of ritual provided in popular publications -- or did you?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Moon Ritual

Currently, I am in a state of flux. It is time for a new beginning because many things are coming to a close. In a few months, my current source of income will cease and I will begin something new. The challenge is to find what that is . . .

So, a friend (who is trying to make some changes regarding her employment) and I decided to perform a little ritual. The catch . . . we live almost 600 miles apart. So, we decided to perform a ritual together online. It was our first together and at least my first, period -- not sure about her. So, we decided to keep it simple and manifest our intention by creating charms and incense intended to manifest jobs with incomes that would satisfy our individual financial and emotional needs.

Now, before I go much further, I should tell you that I am a Virgo . . . no, really I am a Virgo!  Virgo sun, Virgo rising, and five planets (or is it seven?  I forget) in Virgo.  I am potentially the biggest Virgo you will ever meet.  I jokingly say that the one thing that saves me is my Gemini Moon -- it keeps me from getting too . . . ehem . . . set in my ways.  

These are some pictures of my setup for the ritual.  (Gotta love the little doggie toy on the floor to the left! LOL)  This particular part was the actual altar.  I was the one making the incense and charms, so this was set up to provide a space and the tools needed to do that.  

To my right was what served as my 'supply' table.      I don't really like to work with a script in my rituals, but I don't like to completely fly by the seat of my pants, either.  My prep usually consists of making sure I have all my supplies and some brief notes and/or bullet points ready and then I use those to guide me.  So, what you see here are the different ingredients for the incense and charms and some key words for why I chose them in this particular instance.  Yes, those ARE post-it notes!  

Then to the left, was the computer so that we could communicate the ritual to each other.  Once I really started looking at the set up and tweaking things before getting started, the tables were moved around a bit.  The positions shown here were a bit awkward once I tested them, but the general layout is accurate.

The ritual went well, the charms and incense were made (I mailed my friend hers).  Now, we get to see what results they bring.  I seldom make charms or incense using a formal ritual, but then I do not usually make these things with others.  There are certainly ritualistic aspects to my usual process but, it is also a very personal and 'domestic' activity.  Much of my ritual activity falls into that category.  It is usually when I am working with others that I feel the need for formality -- with a few exceptions.  

I am wondering, have any of you performed rituals online?  If so, how did you structure it and did you find it satisfying?  

What about formal, structured ritual?  Is it a must in your life, or do you embrace more casual forms of magic(k)?