Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Moon Ritual

Currently, I am in a state of flux. It is time for a new beginning because many things are coming to a close. In a few months, my current source of income will cease and I will begin something new. The challenge is to find what that is . . .

So, a friend (who is trying to make some changes regarding her employment) and I decided to perform a little ritual. The catch . . . we live almost 600 miles apart. So, we decided to perform a ritual together online. It was our first together and at least my first, period -- not sure about her. So, we decided to keep it simple and manifest our intention by creating charms and incense intended to manifest jobs with incomes that would satisfy our individual financial and emotional needs.

Now, before I go much further, I should tell you that I am a Virgo . . . no, really I am a Virgo!  Virgo sun, Virgo rising, and five planets (or is it seven?  I forget) in Virgo.  I am potentially the biggest Virgo you will ever meet.  I jokingly say that the one thing that saves me is my Gemini Moon -- it keeps me from getting too . . . ehem . . . set in my ways.  

These are some pictures of my setup for the ritual.  (Gotta love the little doggie toy on the floor to the left! LOL)  This particular part was the actual altar.  I was the one making the incense and charms, so this was set up to provide a space and the tools needed to do that.  

To my right was what served as my 'supply' table.      I don't really like to work with a script in my rituals, but I don't like to completely fly by the seat of my pants, either.  My prep usually consists of making sure I have all my supplies and some brief notes and/or bullet points ready and then I use those to guide me.  So, what you see here are the different ingredients for the incense and charms and some key words for why I chose them in this particular instance.  Yes, those ARE post-it notes!  

Then to the left, was the computer so that we could communicate the ritual to each other.  Once I really started looking at the set up and tweaking things before getting started, the tables were moved around a bit.  The positions shown here were a bit awkward once I tested them, but the general layout is accurate.

The ritual went well, the charms and incense were made (I mailed my friend hers).  Now, we get to see what results they bring.  I seldom make charms or incense using a formal ritual, but then I do not usually make these things with others.  There are certainly ritualistic aspects to my usual process but, it is also a very personal and 'domestic' activity.  Much of my ritual activity falls into that category.  It is usually when I am working with others that I feel the need for formality -- with a few exceptions.  

I am wondering, have any of you performed rituals online?  If so, how did you structure it and did you find it satisfying?  

What about formal, structured ritual?  Is it a must in your life, or do you embrace more casual forms of magic(k)?


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I am interested to know how your charms work... you will have to keep us posted. I do not see why the ritual would not work if the intention is there.

Wanted to give you a heads up about the pigeon problem you have. you are right not to poison them as even if you did, other birds would probably die also. Try some noise to frighten them when they are around. Also I keep a BB gun. it is funny as I do not shoot the birds it is just the noise of when I shoot it into the air that makes them leave. Mainly the crows when they become unruly. You may also want to check what feed you are using...

Suzie said...

I've never performed rituals on-line, but I agree that if the intent is good, then I don't know why they wouldn't work.

It is rather ironic that you pose the question about structured rituals over a more relaxed style, because I've been giving some serious thought, and taking steps to work in a routine of rituals. I'd love to follow some that I admire, who's rituals are so embedded within them, that they don't think of them as formal ceremonies, but a way of life.

I love the look of your blog, and especially your header. I want to climb right in and be surrounded by all of that glorious color!

Anonymous said...

I've never had Ritual online, but years ago when I was in a coven, we all three (while at our own homes) got in our tubs and "swam in Cerridwens cauldron together". It was one of those times I will always remember fondly.

Marie S said...

I think this is amazing. I think also that ritual is manifest energy being worked and the internet is energy, so a perfect match. I also believe it is a way to connect with others that are more our fit in life and not miss out on that once in a life time experience.
I also think that ritual was and is intended to focus one's self and spirit closely on life(No matter the religion). All of life and living should be a ritual and a notice and a blessing and a praising of the moment and the magic of those moments. I did not say I do this all of the time but am working on slowing myself down inside enough to see and feel the moments and be grateful. Helps with the dishes, LOL!!
I do not perform standard ritual very often and am trying not to make my way wrong in my head, because it is written to do it a certain way.

Also, it is hard for me to explain the making of the goddesses. I do pull all the info around me and I find pictures for things I do not know about and read. Sometimes more than one image will be made for the same instruction before hand (like the one with the Tor, I have the well cover made and it didn't fit the goddess, but it is one of my most favorite pieces I have ever made), but when it comes down to the making, I put all of the pieces in front of me and start to put them together. At this point the goddess decides what will *fit* on her frame and what works well together. My part is to trust that, to wind the wire in the right direction and to infuse love in to each twist. I never know what will be the response from the person that receives it either. So far they have been exactly what they were supposed to be.
The right way does not come to me in pictures or voices though or even images.
I have been thinking about this for a while, trying to find the way to do it the same way every time, but I believe that each one demands its own way. I got stuck on a couple of yours when I tried to do it the same as another one.

Bridgett said...

I'm a member of a virtual on-line although we're not technically 'on-line' when we do our rituals...we all do the exact same ritual at the exact same time.

It's powerful.

I wish you the best of luck on the job search!!!