Thursday, February 25, 2010

Batten down the hatches!


The sylphs have been flexing their muscles today.  The winds were howling and blowing so hard that they were pushing me down the road when I was taking the dog for a walk.  It got me thinking . . . 

Do we see connections that are not really there because of our belief systems -- or do our belief systems allow us to recognize the inherent connections in our lives?

Now, you are probably sitting there thinking 'HUH?  How the he** did she come up with that from a bit of wind?'

Well, I do see things as being connected and one of the ways that I attempt to stay engaged with the world is to try to be aware of those connections.  So, I see the elements manifest in my life both in overt and subtle ways.  On the one hand, today the winds were blowing, carrying leaves and other items through the air.  Gusts would rattle the chimney flue and the garage door -- definitely not subtle!

Interestingly, today I also got a lovely package from some dear friends -- a belated Imbolc gift.  In addition to a beautiful note, there were some great items in that package sent from the East.  Now, Air is associated with the East, Spring, and communication, among other things.  On top of that, while the package was 'from' several people, the way it usually works is that everyone is in on the purchasing decisions, but one individual actually does the shopping, packaging, and mailing.  I find that, while most people have aspects of all the elements in them, there is usually one primary and one secondary element that shine through and Air is the element that I have always seen as primary in the lovely soul 'in charge' of the gift this time.  Just an example of several subtle manifestations of the element Air in my day today.

As you can see, I see the universe as one big mass of inherent connections.  One of my spiritual challenges is to recognize those connections.  Sometimes I am more successful than others -- today was a pretty successful day.  I thank you my lovely long-distance coven, as always you manage to help me flex my spiritual muscles.

I have met many who take the opposite position on this issue, some with a very strong spirituality . . .

How do you think one's perspective on this question shapes a person's spirituality -- or does a person's spirituality shape one's perspective on the question?  Thoughts?

Sylph image found here.


Marie S said...

I think that our environment and input, even religion, all through our life shapes what our brain recognizes over and over again and even looks for above other things.
I believe it is human to look for pattern.
I also believe that if we listen very carefully with all of our body, mind, and soul we will see, hear, and feel things that are not physical and beyond religion and programing.
I want to be connected to all, it reassures me.
I see connections every where and look for them.
Right before I opened this post, I was noticing them.

I received many gifts today through the mail. The wind is blowing outside my window, and the ravens are spinning through the sky. I almost blew past this post and decided to go back and read it. We are connected too.
Have a great weekend my sweet.
Love and hugs
and of course I would follow.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

Interesting... I think we all see signs in different manners. What one may see from one thing someone else may see something completely different or nothing at all. I like you are very attune to the world around me so much of my movings come from nature and that which I witness or experience. To tell such things to some of my friends they would think me a bit daft, yet i still stand by my readins and they are usually correct.
Each of us should search for what suits us best in order to give us what we seek. Enjoyed the thought process this brought. thanks.

Suzie said...

Hmmm, very interesting questions.

From my own perspective, I've always been very attuned to the interactions of nature, and of the affects of one action on others, or related events happening either at the same time, or in sequence.

And I've always felt that everything is connected. It is one of the strongest, basic premises of my spiritiual Path, long before I even knew that I had a Path.

So for me, my perspective, what I internally have felt, and how it has grown, has affected, well, maybe better put to say that it has evolved into my Path.

Thanks for offering up a thought inspiring post!