Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As I have indicated in previous posts, I am very into jewelry.  So, when Mrs. B posted about her latest giveaway, I was of course intrigued.  So, of I went to the featured site (Moonstone Jewelry), click, click, clicking away to see what was on offer.  You see, this particular giveaway is not a particular item, but is the item of your choice ($50 or less) or a $50 'coupon' toward the purchase of a more expensive item of your choice.  (Moonwolf is licking her chops with delight!)

Now, being the silver jewelry whore admirer that I am, I went straight to that category and had a rummage.  I really liked several of the items on offer, especially a couple of the Tree of Life rings.


I can't really decide which one I like best.  Fortunately, I was spared the need to choose because I also saw a Wolf Ring!
Now, what could be better than that?  Well, I will tell you!  What about a HOWLING WOLF ring????  Yep, imagine my joy when I saw this little lovely . . .

So, have a little wander over to Mrs. B's and check out the giveaway!  Even better, enter it yourself! 


Magaly Guerrero said...

First things first, every time I see your blog banner and background I want to steal them. They are just so wicked perfect!! Now to the rings, they are absolutely fabulous!

Jessica said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting. Work and other personal life problems have been taking up much of my time. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is coming along super. I am catching up on the posts I missed and I am really enjoying them. As to the give away, Mrs B always has the best ones, doesn't she? Best of luck!

Jessica said...

FYI, I posted my blog with the award you passed on.