Thursday, July 15, 2010


Bernard Meltzer

Well, I think I prefer the term 'eccentric' -- but, that is probably just semantics . . . 

I have been very fortunate and have several very close friends in my life.  All of them accept me and embrace the person that I am -- warts and all.  My memories are filled with wonderful experiences and warm feelings.  Nothing can beat a true connection with another person - someone who you can be yourself around without any fear that they will judge or reject you.

My only wish is that all of these wonderful people in my life were located in places that would allow us to, once again, meet face-to-face.  I miss the late night talks over wine and nibbles or coffee shop chats in the middle of the week just to catch up.  As much as we all keep in touch with each other, sharing our lives via email and the occasional phone conversation -- it is not quite the same as touching base throughout the week.

Fortunately, I have the joy that can be found by participating in the blogging community.  Still, I long to find a person or two in my new location that will enjoy my unconventional views and interests -- however cracked they may be -- and discuss them over a cup of java or a glass of merlot.  I miss the physical dimension of my relationships -- being able to touch or hug a good friend when they (or I) need it . . . 

So, I will keep the door open and be patient!  Meanwhile, I will continue to nurture all my relationships -- those friends who no longer live nearby as well as those I have never met face-to-face.  Thank you all for all the wonderful experiences you have given me.  Blessings to you all!