Monday, October 11, 2010

Resting is good . . .

Too bad I haven't been!  Like many, life has been a whirlwind of activity.  So much so that something had to give and that something was the blog.  It seems that, for me, every year things start spiraling out of control around the same time (mid-August) and then start to slow -- or get manageable -- some time in early to mid-October.  This is a good thing -- well, not the spiraling out of control part, but the settling part.  It is as if there is one final flurry of activity before we settle into the winter time of introspection.

You may have noticed that I am attending a blog party this month.


This is my first so I am curious to see how it goes.  Of course, being the time of year it is, the party theme is Samhain/Halloween.  Personally, I have always loved this time of year, even before it became attached to my spirituality.  At the risk of dating myself, I dressing up and, when I was very young, spending the evening going from house to house in my neighborhood and having a grand ol' time, parents in tow (because the ALWAYS lagged behind!)  When I was older, gaggles of us teenagers would stalk the neighborhood after dark getting the pants scared off of us because once the little ones were in bed, the gloves came of and scaring the snot out of the teenagers was the number one goal!  Well, at least that was the philosophy of the 'cool' houses.

Now Samhain is a more sedate affair.  It is time to prepare for the dark time of the year.  Time to recognize my ancestors, begin to evaluate my path, and formulate my next steps.  Of course, these are things I tend to do throughout the winter months, but Samhain is the jumping off point.  It is the signpost in the road that says it is time to switch gears.  About this time, every year I start to work out what I will focus on for the next year or so and what I must do to prepare myself so that I will be able to meet those goals.

The weather is turning, I am smelling Fall in the air, and I am loving it!