Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hmm . . . guess I better pay attention!

I went to a get together on Friday and a new friend of mine -- who happens to be a disabled Veteran -- told me how much he appreciated knowing me and how much he respected me.  He described me as a strong and determined person who inspired him.  I was very humbled by the whole experience . . . and, frankly, a little embarrassed.  Here was a man who had served my country and made significant sacrifices -- someone I respect and honor -- and he was inspired by me!  Honestly, if it had ended there, I may have chalked it up to just one of those things and eventually put the experience to the back of my mind.  I would have been honored, but that is where it would have ended -- mainly because I frequently do not even realize or recognize how/why others see me as an example.  In fact, I said as much to this person that night, stating that 'I was just being me' (which he basically told me was the point!).  But, the incidents that followed the next day have made me realize that I am being called to do something . . . I may not yet know what, exactly, but I am beginning to know where to look.

So, what happened?  The next day, I went to the County Fair and two things happened that strongly affected me.  The first was a Tarot reading.  It was just one of those 'quickies' that you can get at these events -- but the reader was excellent and hit on some very significant realities.   One of the things that she brought up in the reading was that I was an example and and a 'light' to those around me -- someone that provided inspiration that others found strength from.  I was shocked at how similar her language was to the words chosen by my friend the evening before . . . it was as if I was being tapped on the shoulder and being told to pay attention.

Following this reading, we wandered over to the area where a small Pow Wow was taking place.  We were hoping to find a place to sit in the shade where we could watch, listen, and enjoy the singing and dancing.  Unfortunately, there were no seats out of the sun, but immediately upon our arrival, the master of ceremonies (for want of a better term) called all Veterans into the dance area so that they could be honored for their service and sacrifice.  It took quite a lot of coaxing to get any veteran to approach and be honored -- but once one did, several more followed.  As more Veterans entered the circle, the energy being raised by the singers and dancers in honor of these amazing individuals was indescribable.  The pressure in my chest was staggering . . . my eyes were filled with tears I was unable to shed . . . my breath was labored . . . my heart raced . . . and all I could do was stand their and watch this remarkable scene.  Once again, I felt as if the universe was telling me to pay attention!

I may not know exactly how to move forward with this.  I believe that teaching by example and working with Veterans are two important elements to what will develop.  I am confident that, in time, I will be given a solid direction -- one that will nurture others as well as myself . . . one that will prove fulfilling and marvelous!  May I stay open and receptive to the signs and signals that will come my way!


RA said...

You don't need to do anything, nor do you need to wait for instructions. What you need to do is.... to be you. You are very probably about to help someone in a dramatic way, but you may not be aware of it when it happens. Just be you. :)