Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stayin' Alive!

Howard Thurman

When I read this statement, I was brought up short.  Not because I don't do things that make me "come alive" -- I do.  In fact, I do these types of things quite often.  But, the reason I was taken aback a bit was because I also do things that -- well -- just don't!  In fact, sometimes I do things that feel like they are sucking the life out of me.  I imagine that many of us do -- frankly, it is likely that we all HAVE to do some things that do not nurture us.  I, personally, can't think if a single person that I know now or have ever known who are able to completely remove all draining influences.  

The key is to counter those things that drain with things that energize.  Again -- I am not always successful in maintaining this balancing act.  Now is a good example.  My recently revisited project is one of those life suckers.  Anxiety levels are high.  Frustration abounds.  Scheduled daily tasks are . . . challenging.  Despite all this, I continue to plug away -- to attempt to make continued progress, however slow.  So, I must ask the question . . . 

At what point does the draining activity become something that must be let go?  At what point do the difficulties and issues brought about by this project warrant setting it aside for good?  Many times in this process I have wondered if all of the obstacles I have encountered in finishing these revisions are a sign that I am not meant to finish.  This is usually followed by the knowledge that, frequently our most satisfying accomplishments are achieved by overcoming adversity.

I wonder which this will be -- something that was not meant to be or something that I look back on and smile because I was the little engine that could and kept on chugging no matter how steep the hill/mountain got!

How do you decide when it is time to move on?  How many life suckers have you managed to complete or get rid of in some other way?  What are some of the energizing things you do to balance your life?


Sarah said...

Wonderful post! I really like the quote. Here is what ran through my head as I read it... We need more folks doing what makes them come alive...because those are the folks who work from the heart and offer up more to those who need what they have to offer. They draw folk to them who need their gifts.
Kinda LOL like, if you make it they will come:)
For me anyway...I always ask myself if I have the it something that will feed me and the folks I am working with. Is my yes a yes... cause if there is a little no in there...I will tell folks I will get back with them. Generally I do that as a rule ...give myself a day to think on it. Cause...I love to help...but is not what it appears on the surface..or the person is all about he drama...uhhmmm can lice without that...or worse toxic. The project or group may be way more involved than I was told. That said...I too get stuck in things like this..where you sit and did I get here..what did I miss?? I guess at that point I consider how ill the situation makes me really much relief would I feel if I left it..if that is big enought I will step away.
Wow..wonderful post..gets ya thinking! I love the quote too!!
Hugs, Sarah